Local Cuisine Extravaganza this Saturday in Good Hope

by: - October 9, 2019
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According to organizers, the event planned for Saturday, October 12th  is organized by Ashille’s Bar And Grill in collaboration with the   Dominica   Festivals   Committee,   organizers   of   the   World Creole Music Festival.

Patrons will be treated to fish water, shatoo water, lobster, brigo water and steamed fish, among other delicacies.

The Petite Soufriere Cultural Group and the Petite Soufriere Jing Ping Band led by Isma Alie are scheduled to perform along with DJs Chino, Athie, Flip Tha Boss and the popular bouyon hitmakers, Signal Band.

The Local Cuisine Extravaganza runs from 8pm on the Good Hope Resource Center grounds.