Maroon Film Project to Premiere Oct 10th

by: - October 4, 2019
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A video project featuring maroons invites culturally-conscious Dominicans to the Baracoon Building next Thursday, October 10th.

According to director of the project, Sandra Vivas of the Waitukubuli Artist Association, the film project is organized solely to value and highlight Dominica’s rich and storied culture.

“Dominican history is different from the other islands. We had a weak plantation because of the topography but this topography which was accidental made it very difficult for the plantation system to be imposed in Dominica facilitated the escape of maroons and their survival in the mountains so I find that the spirit of the maroons still survives- that spirit of freedom and independence. That food independence that people take for granted -being able to have a little backyard garden, the wealth in our herbal medicine it’s not accidental that we have one of the societies with the longest life span compared to the other parts of the world. We wanted to explore it in a poetic way and to revalue our identity and the keepers of our freedom.”

She says the event will open doors for drummers to showcase their talent on that night.

The video show is carded to begin from 7pm and end at 9pm on Thursday, October 10th.