15 for NCCU Cadence-lypso Competition

by: - October 4, 2019
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15 participants will compete in the finals of the NCCU’s 2019 Cadence-lypso competition.

The 15 finalists will include 4 finalists from last year. The event is an initiative of the National Cooperative Credit Union, and forms part of the independence celebrations. It takes place on November 2nd.

Chief Cultural Officer, Raymond Lawrence, described the competition as cultural promotion.

“A competition which promotes creativity in musical composition and performance and which also promotes a very important genre of Dominican music- a music which many of us have grown up with in Dominica and is now being enjoyed by the younger generations”

Lawrence also cited the contribution of cadence to culture as it fosters awareness of the creole language.

While the first part of the show will be the competition, the organisers say the second part will be different

Dexter Ducreay, Chairperson of cadence lypso committee

“Last year we had a band competition, this year we are hosting a veteran cadence band from Guadeloupe by the name of  Les Églore.

Among the finalists this year are Charles Leatham, Delma Daniel, Desmond Lawrence, Jackson Alie, Jerd Dorsette, Jude Delauney, Marisa Stedman, Richard Christmas, Shirley Charles and Webster Marie.