Lugars declares himself future Calypso Monarch

by: - March 1, 2019
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Derrick St.Ville “Lugars”

“One day I must hit that nail on it’s head” says Stardom Tent King Derrick St Ville “Lugars”.

In an interview with Vibes News, Lugars made this statement refering to his ultimate goal of becoming a National Calypso Mornarch.

Lugars said he is aware of the disappointment he has brought to his supporters and apologizes for “letting his fans down”.

“For eight years now I have been in a struggle, I seem to have one foot in the semifinals and the other in the finals and I get stuck in the semifinals all the time,” he said. “The only time I have been in the final round is in 2012 when I sang ‘Internet Children’.”

Lugars explained that he knows the cause of his failure to remember the lyrics of his song by saying that he forgets whenever he is too excited and moves too much while performing.

Despite the adversities Lugars has faced this calypso season, he promises to do better next year as he has learnt the cause of his faults.

In addition, he expressed his satisfaction in his achievement as King of the Stardom Tent for a second consecutive time on Feb. 27, 2019.

“Once you see little children can know your song word for word and even better than you, your song is a good song,” Lugars remarked.

Lugars assures that he is planning to execute a ‘great performance’ with a ‘great song’ next calypso season. He also expressed his gratitude to to the people who supported him through out the season.

He also plans to develop a management team to facilitate strategies to attain his goal of becoming Calypso King.