Mas Camp still in search of permanent venue

by: - February 11, 2019
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2018 Calypso Monarch Daryl Bobb

Mas Camp has yet to decide on a permanent venue following their displacement from their original venue.

Therefore each Mas Camp event will be held at alternate venues until a permanent venue is selected.

According to the Reigning Calypso Monarch and member of Showdown Mas Camp Daryl Bobb, the forecourt of the Windsor Park Stadium was proposed to Mas Camp but was withdrawn for an unknown reason.

There were two Mas Camp events over the weekend; on Friday night there was a show at the Five Star Bar and Grilll in Jimmit and a brief event at Bolo’s Bar in Pointe Mitchel on Saturday night.

In an interview with Vibes News, Daryl Bobb expressed his gratitude to the sponsors and supporters of Mas Camp in spite of the adversities and he encourages people to support the Show Down Mas Camp Tent.

The venue for next week’s show has not been confirmed however Vibes News will relay that information when it is made available.