The Carnival Season to officially begin with the opening parade

by: - January 18, 2019
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In a conference on Wednesday 15th January 2019 the Dominica Festival Committee discussed the route and other aspects of the Carnival opening parade.

The opening parade will be a three hour match on Saturday 19th January 2019.

Superintendent of the Dominica Police Force Richmond Valentine was designated the role of informing the public of the route of the parade.

The parade will begin on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard at 12:30 pm and the groups will move south along the boulevard; east to the King George V Street; North on Great George Street; then East along River Bank; South on to Independence Street and finally East on Kennedy Avenue where they will proceed in to the Windsor Park Stadium where the event will climax.

Police officers will escort the parade and there will be traffic signs along the route for directions. People who reside on the streets during the parade will be are advised to park their vehicles elsewhere for the three hours that the parade will be displayed. Moreover, the Pointe Mitchell bus drivers and residents are advised that the bus stop will temporarily be placed on Church street in order to accommodate the parade.

There will be various sections of the parade: the pageant section with the Princess Floats; Miss Teen floats; Miss Mas Jamboree floats; Creole Queens float; Mothers Queen and Miss Dominica; there will be the traditional groups with the Lapocabwit groups; the Contemporary Mas section; the advertising floats sections where companies will present floats that will be judged; the display of Jouvert groups section and; a section titled Strictly Local.

“People who wish to participate in the parade dressed in Sensay costumes are asked to register at the Dominica Festivals Committee office to obtain a registration number which must be worn and be visible on their costumes while in the parade. The Sensay masks must be removed by 6 pm.” Superintendent of the Dominica Police Force Richmond Valentine cautioned.

As precautionary measures individuals are asked not to throw tokens in to the parade from their floats but to assign a group for the purpose of distributing tokens if there are any.