Reunion and Independence 2018 committees merged

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 24, 2018
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Hubert Charles, Chairman of the Reunion Committee (File photo)

Reunion and Independence 2018, which will commemorate Dominica’s fortieth year of independence will be celebrated under the theme ‘My Love, My Home, My Dominica; Building a resilient nation’.

The progamme of activities was officially launched on Friday 17 August 2018 in conjunction with Independence 2018.

Hubert Charles, Chairman of the Reunion Committee said the launch puts to rest the fears of those who may have thought that the tradition which began in 1988 would be scaled down or not held at all.

“As is clear from today’s launch we are keeping that tradition but introducing an innovation involving the integration of the Independence and Reunion programmes.”

He explained that the joining of the Reunion and Independence committees and celebrations is partly due to the passage of Hurricane Maria last September.

“I will remind you that hurricane Maria…was a major disruption and that we will be for years seeking to make good the damages caused by this event.”

Charles added that the hurricane will have a place in Dominica’s history not as one which defines us but “simply as one event that underscored our resolve to continue along the path of development to learn the lessons as we go forward of course”.

Reunion and Independence 2018 will officially open on September 29, 2018 but activities will begin on September 22 and end on November 5, 2018.