‘Pretending Reality’ film to be screened in Dominica

by: - August 10, 2018
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A short film depicting the yearning of a young boy to find out his father’s identity will be screened here on Saturday 11 August 2018.

The film, which highlights the struggle that the boy encountered, was done under the Juvenile Justice Reform Project Phase 1 through the then Ministry of Social Services. It will be screened at the Public Service Union building in Roseau from 8PM.

‘Pretending Reality’ was written by Technical Specialist in the Juvenile Justice Reform Project Phase 2, Gloria Augustus, directed by Curtis Clarendon with Alwin Bully as Consultant.

Augustus explained that the film was written under the first phase of the project “when we had to look at the link with civil society” and while they had “some challenges” the film will be launched this Saturday.

“It is a short film but it has a very strong message, in terms of children needing to know their fathers, and also needing to have a relationship with them.”

“And really, what the film is trying to show is the pain of a young person wanting to know who is my father,” Augustus informed.

After the film is launched on Saturday there will be showings in other areas, Augustus said.

She is hopeful that “discussion will continue and it will not just be a film for entertainment” as it is “a film to start a conversation”.

“It is to start a conversation on this whole issue of father, fatherlessness, and father in the life of child. And also mothers to be more responsible, mothers to let children know who their fathers are and also to allow them to have a part to play in their lives,” Augustus added.