Selfie challenge to promote ‘WhoOosh’ Art Exhibition

by: - July 23, 2018
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One of the many photographs taken by the ‘Sa Ka Fete’ mural and shared on the Waitukubuli Artists Association (Dafar Armour photograph)

The Waitukubuli Artists Association has commenced a selfie challenge to help promote its Art Exhibition scheduled for Friday 27 July 2018.

The Art Exhibition, which is the first scheduled activity for Emancipation celebrations 2018, will open at 5PM at the Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau. It is organized by the Waitukubuli Art Association and the Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA).

“It’s a selfie challenge that would promote even more, the exhibition,” according to Vice President of the Waitukubuli Artists Association, Aaron Hamilton.

“So what you would do in context is take a selfie in front of the Sa Ka Fete … mural that we did on the Bayfront,” Hamilton stated.

The ‘Sa Ka Fete’ mural is located on the southern side of the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth’s entrance.

It was painted by eleven members of the Waitukubuli Artists Association on 10 July 2018 among initiatives taken by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for Carnival Cruise Line’s return to Dominica.

“So you can take a selfie in front of it and then share it on our page Waitukubuli Association… you share it and the selfie that has the most likes will win a painting at the exhibition,” he added.

As per President of the Waitukubuli Artists Association, Lowell they were summoned by Craig Stedman of DEXIA to find ways to showcase local art work as “his goal was to revamp the whole art scene in Dominica because it was becoming a bit stale”.

“Craig had a vision to showcase the artistes of Dominica and our work locally and also internationally,” thus the art exhibition is one of the ways that this goal is being accomplished.

“In the spirit of the freedom of expression that comes with Emancipation, theWaitukubuli Artists Association is proud to be spearheading the whole celebration events with an Art Exhibition titled ‘WhoOosh’ that showcases the many ways that Hurricane Maria inspired the artistes of Dominica,” Royer added.

At that exhibition, which will commence promptly at 5PM on 27 July, Royer said the Association will be “showcasing art work that may be a bit literal, but also very conceptual”.

The Association is also “happy to be promoted by DEXIA” and paid homage to Mr Craig Stedman for his assistance.

The exhibition will open at the Windsor Park Stadium in Roseau and then move to the Old Mill Cultural Centre in Canefield.