Lady of Fair Haven Feast to be celebrated in August

by: - July 16, 2018
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Chair of the Joint Committee, Val Cuffy (left) and Dean of the Roseau Cathedral, Fr. Nigel Karam

Informational and education sessions, a triduum, a fair and a concert have been announced among activities to commemorate the Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral Parish Feast.

The Feast will be celebrated for one week beginning on 12 August 2018 with a grand fair and climax on Sunday 19 August – the feast day – with a breakfast immediately after mass has been celebrated.

The Parish includes the Roseau Cathedral, and chapel communities of Laudat, Trafalgar, Morne Prosper and Wotten Waven.

A triduum, which is three nights of prayer and praise, will be held from 14 August as part of preparations for the feast.

According to Dean of the Roseau Cathedral, Fr. Nigel Karam, as important as the feast day is the preparation is equally important.

“We’re inviting our community members, our parishioners and also parishioners from other parishes to join us for that preparation, in order to celebrate the feast well, to prepare our hearts, to prepare our minds, to prepare our souls,” Fr. Karam said during a press conference on Thursday 12 July 2018.

Sister Loreen Royer, an accomplished theologian who has taught at the regional seminary in Trinidad, will be the featured speaker for the triduum. She will be speaking about three components of stewardship; communion, conversion and covenant.

“These are three important biblical themes that help to support stewardship, as we think about ourselves as God’s stewards in the world, as we think about ourselves as disciples of Christ; people who have been entrusted with a mission,” Fr. Karam explained.

This year, the feast celebrations will begin with the fair, for the first time, Chair of the Joint Committee, Val Cuffy told the press conference.

The Fair is scheduled for Sunday 12 August from 2PM and will be a hub of activity including games, food, bazar, and entertainment. Tickets cost ten dollars for adults and five dollars for children.

“We’re also going to be including areas for the fair where you can come and speak to insurance agents as it relates to your coverage for your hurricane preparedness so that is a new aspect,” Cuffy informed.

“We’re also going to be working with one of the medical institutions so that you can come and check on your health; get your blood pressure checked, get your blood sugar checked,” he added.

There will be games, activities and giveaways for children as well as adults, while DJ Mix, DJ Snow, the Swinging Stars, Signal and Triple K Bands will provide entertainment.

On Friday 17 August there will be a celebration of song (concert) to which a number of choirs have been invited to participate.

A community outreach, which will take the format of a T20 softball cricket match, is scheduled to take place in the Roseau Valley on Saturday 18 August. It will be the Bishop’s eleven competing against the Dean’s eleven.

On Feast Day – Sunday 19 August – there will be a procession from the Old Market commencing at 8:30AM while the mass will commence at 9AM. All attendees for the procession and mass are encouraged to wear Kweyol attire.

“Don’t prepare any breakfast on that Sunday, you come to church,” Cuffy said because immediately following mass, there will be a community breakfast.

“We’ll be having packages of ten dollars, fifteen dollars that you can take to go home with,” he said.

There will also be a VIP set-up where persons can purchase a twenty-five dollars ticket in advance “and sit and have your breakfast just as if you are at Fort Young Hotel”.

The proceeds from the Fair and concert will go towards completing the Roseau Cathedral and Fr. Karam is therefore urging all Catholics, all Christians and the general public to support these activities which will assist the Church in securing resources to reach out and preach the gospel.

“We have to be creative in raising those resources because the Church depends on the generosity of the people,” Fr. Karam noted.

“So the feast is about prayer, praise but also celebration of who we are as God’s people, and promotion of the Kingdom of God in the end; this is the ultimate goal, the promotion of God’s kingdom and God’s reign and to help to unify the parish, to help to celebrate God’s saving deeds in our community,” he added.