Softball Association to host Fathers’ Day fun day

by: Dominica Vibes News - June 15, 2018
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The Dominica Softball Cricket Development Association will host a fun day for fathers on Fathers’ Day, Sunday 17 June 2018, from 12 noon.

The sports filled event is carded to take place on the playing field in Point Michel, president of the softball association Heston Charles told Dominica Vibes in an interview.

Charles said the association prides itself on softball development and hosts a festival every year.

“What we’re hoping to do is for fathers is to show the mothers that we can do it too and let fathers show mothers that they can have fun, and hence we have this big event which will feature softball cricket, dominoes and small goal football,” Charles explained.

He encouraged all men to take part in the event with their sons adding that this year’s theme is ‘Love and Unity’.

The association is aiming to bring back love and unity into fathers’ relationships with their sons.

“We have not seen fathers playing their role the way they should. The male species for whatever reason, they have fallen short in terms of what they should do…we’re hoping that this Sunday men will come out there with their sons and have fun.”

Charles also encouraged women to come out to support the event.

“Ladies come and cheer for your men; whether he can play cricket, whether he can play football, whether he can play dominoes…so come out there and cheer for your man, support your man.”