Triple Kay Band is ‘Still Standing’

by: - May 25, 2018
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The Triple Kay International Band has released the official music video for its hit song ‘Still Standing’.

The song, which was released in January 2018 for the Carnival season, highlighted some of the effects of Hurricane Maria on the island. It was written by band members; Wayne Benjamin, David George, Kendel Laurent and Jeoffrey Joseph.

The video, published on Dominica Vibes’ Facebook page on Wednesday 23 May 2018, has been shared four hundred and eighty-three (483) times with three hundred and twenty-five (325) reactions and viewed over twenty-one hundred times.

It was produced by Triple Kay Band, the directing company was Turnt Up TV of St. Martin, and the director was Dwayne Skerrit. Mr Skerrit is a Dominican and former Triple Kay Band road engineer.

According to Band Manager, Jeoffrey Joseph, the video is “another evolution in the history of Bouyon Music”.

He described ‘Still Standing’ as “a representation of our thoughts and our vision of what we are right now after the hurricane, and after the personal storms that we have been through”.

Joseph stated that the band has been working “tirelessly” over the past twenty years to create quality Bouyon music and appreciates the support it receives from the Dominican public and wider world.

“So we decided that we have to let the people who have been supporting us know that our locality, which is Dominica, and the band and everything else that was operating in Dominica is still operating and functioning,” Joseph informed.

The video, which was filmed in Dominica and includes footage from around the region, showcases the progress that Dominica has made since the passage of Hurricane Maria last September.

“It was meant really to showcase where the country is right now; that things are operating, that the market is open and you can get local produce, the streets are clear so you can take a ride around the country. It was also meant to depict that the bars are open, and it’s just meant to show that that we can still have a good time, we can still, in the face of all of these different adversities, show them that we are still alive and that we are still standing,” he informed.

He added that the song, ‘Still Standing’ was recorded in pieces due to difficulties posed by Maria.

“At that time because of the situation in Dominica, we had to do some of the recordings in St. Thomas. We did some of the recordings at Linden Lestrade studio in Canefield, it was mixed in another studio owned by Kendel Laurent, and then it was mastered by Cornell Phillip. So we had to use so many resources to get this song produced,” he went on to note.

The band is hopeful that the song will be used as an anthem for Dominicans as the county continues to recover and a reminder to citizens that we have a pool of dedicated people.

“We consider it our resiliency anthem, and we know that word is being used a lot lately, but we consider it our resiliency anthem to get people excited to want to improve their lives,” Joseph said.

Triple Kay 'Still Standing' Official Video

Triple Kay International Band has released the official video for its 'Still Standing' hit song.

Posted by Dominica Vibes on Wednesday, May 23, 2018