Jazz ‘n Creole 2018 line-up announced

by: - April 25, 2018
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Chief Executive Officer of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), Colin Piper

The line-up of performers, for the 2018 annual Jazz ‘n Creole Festival scheduled for 20 May at the Cabrits National Park in Portsmouth, has been revealed.

The performers include Dominica’s Princess of Song Michelle Henderson, sister duo from Trinidad Xavier Strings, Xtasy Band, Pan Harmony, and Stars with other Dominican singers.

Chief Executive Officer of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), Colin Piper stated at the first Jazz ‘n Creole Festival 2018 press conference on Wednesday 25 April 2018 that following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the event, although a bit scaled down, will be used to generate economic activity in the country.

According to Piper, the presentation of the main stage event will be approached “slightly differently” as Dominica is still faced with matters of concern post Hurricane Maria.

“Of course extenuating circumstances post Hurricane Maria obliged the organizers to alter the normal week of fringe activity,” he informed.

Despite these challenges, this year’s activities is still intended to increase “much needed economic activity, particularly in the north” Piper added.

“And the staging ,much like the staging of carnival, is an opportunity for residents to exhale, as well as to amplify awareness of the island; in terms of business and tourism continuity and the reopening of a number of major sites and attractions specifically in the north of the island as well,” Piper stated.

While budgetary concerns have influenced the final plans for staging of this year’s festival, Piper said “nonetheless we have an exciting program of events”.

He added that in the spirit of continuous improvement, the DDA is using this year as a year to review and morph the product.

“We all remember Tropical Storm Tomas and how it changed the staging of the World Creole Music Festival. So using these events, the natural events of Maria, we are unable to stage the Jazz fringe as we normally would have done with a number of our partners, so we are looking at initiating a more enticing program,” Piper explained.

Due to the lack of fringe events leading up to the festival, DDA has decided to host an event on Saturday 19 May as an introduction to the festival.

Piper did not elaborate on details of that event but indicated that it is intended to attract people to the north of the island for “multiple days”, instead of only on the Sunday.

“We are focusing on the yachting community trying to attract them to come into Dominica and specifically the north. So both of these initiatives, the Saturday event and obviously the Sunday event at Fort Shirley, resulting in longer stays up north and the increase arrivals of yachters, we believe will stimulate economic activity in the north,” Piper stated.