New Culture Minister committed to new responsibilities

by: - April 18, 2018
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Minister for Tourism and Culture, Robert Tonge

Senator Robert Tonge, the new minister responsible for Culture and Tourism, has expressed commitment to making the merge of these two ministries successful and beneficial to the country.

“I am fully committed as your new Minister of Tourism and Culture. As everyone has said, the two of them can work very positively together,” Minister Tonge said while addressing the official launch of DOMFESTA 2018.

“People come to Dominica, not only to admire and to partake in our natural attractions. They also come for the people and for the culture. They also come to experience the heritage and the food that we have to offer,” Tonge stated.

He added that many times culture is restricted to a certain time frame, adding that by combining both ministries the aspect of our culture promotion can be improved.

“In the Ministry of Tourism, we have realized that we really need to start working a lot closer together. So obviously the PM is aware of that wisdom and has put the two ministries together,” Minister Tonge said.

“Again in my commitment to working together, I look forward to being pushed to promote culture. Many times we only see culture at specific times of the year, and by working with Tourism, I think we can improve on that especially when we have visitors coming to our shores,” he noted.

Minister Tonge is looking forward to working with the Division of Culture and other departments within the Ministry of Culture to improve on Dominica’s tourism products.

“We have Carnival Cruise lines that are scheduled to come in in July, and we look forward to having this amazing welcome for all the cruise ships when they come in. So especially persons who are not employed, we need to work together to come up with some type of program to welcome them when they come,” Mr Tonge stated.

While the Ministry of Tourism has commenced an initiative to welcome cruise ship visitors, Minister Tonge said “I think with your involvement it can only get a lot better”.

“So again we are fully committed, I am fully committed, and we look forward to working together with all the ministries for the benefit of all our people,” Minister Tonge added.