Lugarz and Haxey tie for 2018 Road March Monarch

by: Dominica Vibes News - February 20, 2018
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Haxey (left) Lugarz (right)

Lugarz with a song ‘Maria Make she Wet’ and Haxey with ‘Sá ki sá-w sè sá-w’ have tied for this year’s Road March title following the 2018 Carnival celebrations which came to an end last week.

Davidson “Observer” Victor, Public relations officer of the Dominica Calypso Association said in an interview with Dominica Vibes, this year saw a tie for one of the most coveted titles in Calypso.

He said the winner is chosen based on the number of times the songs are played during Carnival Monday and Tuesday adding that the public is relied greatly for the information.

Thanking all who contributed to the Calypso Season, Observer rated this year as a success though challenging.