Ten judges selected to preside over 2018 Calypso Finals

by: Dominica Vibes News - February 9, 2018
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Lord Karessah reining Calypso monarch.
(Photo compliments : www.avirtualdominica.com)

The judges who will preside over the 2018 Calypso finals have been selected by the 2018 finalists.

The judges were chosen at a ceremony held at the Calypso House in Bath Estate on Thursday, where nine of the ten participating finalist chose a judge.

Representative of the Discover Dominica Authority, Kelly-Ann Williams stated that ten judges will be chosen, eight of which will meet the head judge, Patrick Pemberton, at the finals, while two will be chosen as reserves.

They are Patrick Pemberton, Michael Augustine, Hughette Andrew, Julian Benjamin, Reginal LaFleur, Vernan Christian, Ashma McDougal, Nadine Riviere, and Gafford Joseph.

The two reserves are Ronald Smith and Celia Maxwell.