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Triple Kay International launches t-shirt band themed ‘Still Standing’

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 15, 2018
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Band Manager and Member Jeoffrey Joseph

Triple Kay International launched its Carnival 2018 t-shirt band ‘Still Standing’ this morning at Alliance Francaise.

Band Manager and Member Jeoffrey Joseph said this year’s t-shirt band is testimony to the fact that Dominica and Dominicans are still standing after destruction caused by Hurricane Maria.

“It is truly a blessing that Triple Kay Band is able to present to you today, it’s Monday Mas for 2018. Thank goodness that the good Lord has carried us through the storm and unto the path of recovery. Despite what some may think, we are here to let the world know that Triple Kay Band and Dominica is still standing,” he said adding, “By no means are we saying that these are easy times but we believe that our resilience as a people is deserving of a happy reward and we the Triple Kay Band would like to provide this reward in the best way we know how; unlimited sewo and fun.”

This year’s t-shirt band was made possible through the sponsorship of Vibes Radio, Digicel, Minya’s 7-11, King Ocean, Carib Beer, Jollys Pharmacy and more. Joseph said Still Standing t-shirt band offers partakers twelve hours of non-stop fun.

“Thanks to the many sponsors, supporters, fans and friends who keep us motivated, we have planned this most exciting Carnival Band for 2018. Still Standing, Triple Kay’s Monday Mas begins at 6 a.m. on Carnival Monday…and ends at 6 p.m. that day. For only $50.00 EC you get to party non-stop for twelve full hours with the Triple Kay Band, the Bouyon MVPs, the sewo kings, the daybreak specialist, and to add icing to this cake, you get to enjoy a variety and trinkets and goodies from our very, very generous sponsors throughout the entire day…believe me it’s going to be drinks and fun galore for 2018,” Joseph explained.

Meanwhile t-shirts can be customized for groups of 10 or more for only $40.00 per person.

Joseph warned that security for the event will be tight saying “the Triple Kay task force will be in full effect, there’ll be zero tolerance for ignorance”.

Persons interested can register at Minya’s 7-11 at Canefield and at the Levi’s Store on Cork Street.

“We’re calling all the Triple Kay Family, let’s show the world where we’re strong, we have something for you in the morning, it’s our Carnival, it’s our sewo season, it’s our bouyon season, Still Standing, space is limited so register today,” said Joseph enthusiastically.