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Decreased budget for Carnival 2018

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 11, 2018
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Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal Robert Tonge

The budget for Carnival 2018 has been decreased following Hurricane Maria.

Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal Robert Tonge revealed that the budget for Carnival has been cut from about seven hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($720, 000) to two hundred sixty-three thousand dollars ($263,000).

“So the budget has been significantly reduced bearing in mind the time that we are in,” he said.

The minister said though there is a decreased for this year’s Carnival, the hope remains that persons will have an enjoyable time.

He added, “We want family members to come down and to help your family members. The other part of it to just having your friends and family her provide such a big moral boost it makes you feel a whole lot better give you that encouragement to continue moving forward.”

Tonge said this decrease was deliberate following the passage of Hurricane Maria last September but said it will still be a special celebration and called on all to use the celebrations to not just revel but to “set a new tone for the national conversation and new ethos for collaboration and togetherness”.