First Costume band for Carnival 2018 launched

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 8, 2018
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The first costume band for Mas Domnik 2018 was launched on Friday 5 January 2018 outside Dons and Divas.

Arthlyn Nesty, one of the organisers told Vibes News following hurricane Maria, the team had reservations about participating in this year’s carnival.

“[Hurricane Maria] affected everybody in the country I mean no one was left unaffected and we did not think first it would be suiting. So the idea did not come from us but it came from Amnesiacs and other Dominicans who wanted to celebrate Carnival and who urged us that we should create an avenue for them and be on the road, create a presence for them to celebrate Carnival, at least something to look forward to,” she explained.

Nesty said the band has only one goal which is to ensure its patrons have a good time, especially following the ordeal faced during hurricane Maria.

“We do not base ourselves on gaining a prize or winning,” she said adding, “We do it for the patrons or customers so our focus is just to enjoy Carnival as our logo and our motto depicts, you forget everything else, you come on the road, you enjoy yourself, you leave all your troubles, your worries and Maria behind.”

She also encouraged Carnival lovers who are not yet Amnesiacs to come on board with Amnesia’s costume band for Mas Domnik 2018.

“You would have heard hopefully that we are one of the best bands on the road, we cater to your every need, we ensure and we take pride in making sure our masqueraders and our Amnesiacs enjoy themselves because these are one of the few things that you could look forward to in the year,” said Nesty.