New Artist on the SoCadence Riddim

by: - January 8, 2018
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Press Release

Newcomer MeloDee promises to bring a different, effervescent element to the local music industry with her foray into soca music. In her own words, “she hopes to showcase her personality and talents while also giving Dominicans enjoyable, relatable music that has regional appeal and international flair.”

The 21-year-old, Bath Estate resident’s first contribution to the Dominican industry is a commanding party anthem on the SoCadence Riddim, a carnival offering by Kahz Media Productions, called The Weekend.

The song emphasizes a woman’s need for self-confidence as Dominica becomes part of the global village, bringing a distinct créole lifestyle unto the Caribbean and world scene. It addresses gender stereotypes but also reinforces the feel good vibe that Dominicans possess and showcase at Carnival season and throughout the yearly calendar of events. It’s a song whose time has come and gives the singer, who’s maturing right before our own eyes, the opportunity to delve into music in a way that can transform Dominican Soca.

The Weekend’s lyrics and the singer’s melodious voice, as her name suggests, blend in to ride the beat and give everyone something to dance to long after the Carnival season has come and gone.

The song forms part of a collaboration of artists (Shelly, Black Diamond, Rhea, etc) that is found on the new riddim and is also a warm up to her second effort Country Fete, also produced by Kahz Media, which will hit the Dominican carnival scene in late January.

The song can be found on YouTube here with directions for download in the caption: