Dr. Miguel Labadie joins Vibes Radio with ‘Morning Fiesta’

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 5, 2017
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Miguel Labadie host of ‘Morning Fiesta’ on Vibes Radio 9-11 am Monday to Friday

Miguel Labadie also known as Dr. Miguel Labadie has joined the Vibes Radio team with ‘Morning Fiesta’.

Labadie says ‘Morning Fiesta’ is “something new and fresh on Vibes Radio with a new but personality, yours truly Miguel Labadie”.

He said it is a pleasure to be part of the Vibes family adding that this has long been in the works and therefore both parties are happy to commence today.

“It is a day where we are a little on the edge and we are praying for the best and our safety and security with the passage of the system so we are just going to go there and ensure that people can keep calm and relax and feel good. So, it will be basically a show where we can mix up the mood, and set the mood and tone right to really get you going in the morning to kick start the rest of the day,” he explained.

Labadie said morning radio has been “bombarded by talk shows” especially with competing stations and so “what we are doing is offering our listeners something different, something fresh where they could just feel motivated”.

‘Morning Fiesta’ he said will be a mixture of music and a bit of interaction, fun and exciting as well as a representation of his personality which he said is fun, calm humble, exciting.

“It will be a mixture of music and a bit of interaction. It will be fun exciting and a representation of my personality which is. It will be definitely giving you a good mix, bringing you the versatility of Dr. Miguel Labadie to the table in the morning on Vibes radio Monday to Friday [9 to 11 am],” he beamed.