2017 Golden Drum awardees announced

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 13, 2017
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Derrick ‘De Hunter’ St. Rose with Golden Drum Award in 2011 (file photo)

One musical band and two individuals who are involved in the promotion of Dominica’s music will receive a Golden Drum Award this year.

Chief Cultural Officer, Raymond Lawrence announced during the media launch of Emancipation Celebrations 2017 on Wednesday 12 July that six Golden Drum Awards will be presented and five Special Recognition Awards.

The Golden Drum Award was established to recognize groups, institutions and individuals who have made important contributions to the development of the arts and culture in Dominica.

Raymond announced that this year, the Golden Drum Awards will be presented to the following;

1. The First Serenade Band of Pointe Michel for music development through the years,
2. Derrick ‘Rah’ Peters of WCK and now Original Bouyon Pioneers theme,
3. Denis Joseph, former manager of DBS, former manager of Gaylord’s Power Union,
4. Norris Guiste of the Petite Savanne Cultural Group and also a teacher of the traditional art form in Dominica,
5. Theresa Mondaisie of Woodford Hill a veteran belle dancer practically for her whole life, and
6. Carlton Merrifield also known as ‘abbyoo’ of Grand Bay, who plays for the Tradibelle and Dubique Cultural Groups. He’s a veteran belle drummer.

Meanwhile, Special Recognition Awards will be presented to the following;

1. Cornelius Royer, who is the leader of the Capuchin Cultural Group,
2. The Convent High School for its consistent and sustained involvement in development of arts and culture in Dominica,
3. The Afri-Culture Stilt Walkers for the promotion of bwa bwa and involvement of carnival,
4. Mighty Acre of Scotts Head for his promotion of folk creole music, and
5. Loraine Delsol of Grand Bay for her years of promotion of Creole wear and even when as she is oversees in Canada promoting Dominica’s arts and culture oversees as well.

“So we congratulate all the awardees this year and encourage them to continue with the work that they have been doing,” Lawrence stated.

The Golden Drum Ceremony, which is scheduled for 8PM on 5 August 2017 at the Arawak House of Culture in Roseau is part of the annual Emancipation Celebrations which is a celebration of emancipation, freedom, resilience and cultural identity.

Emancipation Celebration is geared towards building greater awareness about the significance of the abolition of slavery and the impact which slavery and emancipation have had on our modern-day society.

At the same time the Festival presents an opportunity to showcase artistic talent and celebrate the culture of Dominica and the region.