Ti Orkest, Breve & Michelle Henderson for 8th Jazz ‘n Creole

by: Dominica Vibes News - April 7, 2017
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Chief executive officer of the Discover Dominica Authority, Colin Piper

Ti Orkest, Breve & Michelle Henderson have been announced among the headline acts for the main stage event of Jazz ‘n Creole 2017.

Three of the five main acts for the eighth edition of Jazz ‘n Creole were announced during the launching of the festival at the Fort Young Hotel in Roseau on Thursday evening.

The main stage event is scheduled for Sunday 4 June 2017 at the Cabrits National Park in Portsmouth.

Chief executive officer of the Discover Dominica Authority, Colin Piper told Thursday’s launching that one of the objectives of the festival was to develop and stage a marquee festival tourism product which receives local, regional and international media coverage, increase visitor arrivals to the destination during the hosting of the event to stimulate economic activity through increased hotel occupancy and participation at fringe events.

To achieve these objectives, the Discover Dominica Authority has utilized the creole aspect of Dominica’s creole culture to differentiate the Jazz ‘n Creole festival from other jazz festivals within the region.

It also markets the festival effectively regionally and internationally to increase visitor arrivals and their expenditure while here.

“And you will note that we have typically upwards of sixty percent of our artistes, local or residing in Dominica, in most cases even eighty percent, four out of five bands and in some cases a hundred percent,” Piper said.

The DDA also wants to build strong local and regional support for the event, promote jazz by inviting word of mouth endorsement, empower young musicians to improve their musical skills through master class sessions with international artistes, which is done every year by having one of the professional musicians conduct these sessions.

The Discover Dominica Authority also targets returning Dominicans to help create excitement for the festival as well as invest in fringe events leading up to the main stage in an effort to create diversity and appeal to different market segments.

“And um this is important because if we want to grow visitor arrivals, we need to provide an entertainment package for them and go beyond just a one day of main stage and that is why we invest in the fringe events which starts the Saturday before,” Piper said.

The DDA has seven confirmed fringe partners, who will be putting on jazz events in the weeks leading up to the main stage event at the Cabrits on Sunday 4 June 2017.

The confirmed fringe events as announced by marketing executive at the Discover Dominica Authority, Monique Jacob are as follows;

Lazy Sunday Jazz at the Evergreen Hotel which starts at 6PM on 28 May; French Quarters Street Jazz Festival at the Urban Garden Café on 30 May; Word Sound & Power; Jazz ‘n Creole edition at the Anchorage Hotel on 1 June from 7:30PM; Jazz & Sass at the Fort Young Hotel on 2 June from 7PM; Jazz Cocktail at D’ Champs from 6PM on 2 June; Soca and Jazz on the Rooftop at Atlantique View Resort & Spa from 8PM on 3 June and Riverstone Jazz n Creole from 3PM at Riverstone in Belles on 3 June.