Over 55 to compete in 2017 Calypso Eliminations

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 6, 2017
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The annual calypso season will kick off this weekend with the Calypso Eliminations.

The competition, organized by the Dominica Calypso Association, is scheduled for Saturday 7 January at the Harlem Plaza from 8PM. Tickets cost ten dollars per person for regular and twenty dollars per person for VIP.

“We know that the spark of carnival is the calypso and the calypso actually starts off everything because everything begins with the calypso, the calypso is what drives the carnival. So this Saturday, at the Harlem Plaza, we are going to be starting the carnival season,” Davidson Observer Victor, who is the public relations officer of the Dominica Calypso Association, told Vibes news on Friday 6 January.

Over fifty people have already registered to compete in the elimination round of the competition.

“Close to sixty calypsonians going to take part so it’s going to be a massive, massive showdown. I don’t even have to tell people to come because Dominicans usually flock to the place when comes for calypso,” Victor said.

“We know that Dominicans love their calypso especially the eliminations; there are some people who don’t even go to the other shows, but they go to the eliminations because there’s something special about the elimination and this Saturday is going to be no exception, it’s going to be a massive showdown and it’s at the Harlem plaza 8:00 PM bang on time and trust me is going to be A real, real, real, treat,” Victor continued.

From the fifty-five competitors who have registered, only twelve will be chosen to advance to the quarter final round of the competition.

The competitors will be judged based on lyrics and melody only unlike the quarter, semi and final rounds of the competition.

“The judges will be only judging two verses and two choruses; so your first and second verse, first and second chorus; that is all the judges are going to be Interested in, anything you sing after that it has no impact or no effect on the judges,” Victor reminded the competitors.

The twelve successful competitors will meet the rest of the calypsonians who made it to the semifinals and the finals last year and will form the thirty-two calypsonians to take part in the Quarter Finals of 2017.

“I again want to impress on the behalf of the Calypso association to calypsonians that don’t come on stage and try to do three and four and five and six verses because it’s only the first two verses and choruses that the judges only will be judging, so it’s not necessary to do any more than two verses and two choruses,” Victor emphasized.

Additionally, a number of former junior monarch competitors will be seeking a spot among the twelve tomorrow evening.

The Junior Monarch, Victor added, is like a breeding ground for the senior competition, so every year one or two of the calypsonians, participate in the competition.

Victor, King Dice, Tasha P, De Professor and Jane are some of the calypsonians who started at the Junior Monarch competition and moved on to the senior competition.