Mrs. Shirley Samuel;Principal of Excellence Secondary 2011.

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Mrs. Shirley Samuel at National Principal of Excellence Award 2011.

Mrs. Shirley Samuel, prinicpal of the Pierre Charles Secondary School received this award at the Ministry of Education’s first ever National Principal of Excellence Award ceremony.

There were two outstanding principals of excellence; one for the primary schools and another for the secondary schools.

The following outlines the achievement of Mrs. Samuel which was read at the ceremony on 20th April, 2011 at the Arawak House of Culture.

“The journey in teaching began in September 1980 when she obtained five GCE subjects with the help of extra mural and other private classes. She taught at Vieille Case Primary, St. Martin Primary and Roseau Girls School. During that period she attended the Dominica Teacher’s College and in 1989 she was appointed qualified assistant teacher.

In 1996 she read for a Certificate of Education in Educational Management at the University of the West Indies. In 1999 she received her first appointment as Principal of Laudat Primary School. She pursued her studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Administration at the University of the West Indies and later a Master of Science in Education at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom.

She remains committed to building an environment which is fit for student achievement, spiritual development and positive self morale. When she took on the assignment as principal at the Pierre Charles Secondary her task continued with the same enthusiasm. Theatre Arts and Home Management have been introduced up to CXC level; Pierre Charles Secondary has a vibrant, modern, creative dance program.

To ensure that students continue to benefit from this initiative, a music room is presently under construction. In enuring that the curriculum varied as much as possible and to give students a choice in subject selection, Cosmotology has been introduced to the program and a room has been built for this purpose. Mrs. Samuel is extremely proud of the gender assemblies when facilitators come in from the community. The purpose of these sessions is to raise students self esteem and to increase positive behaviour.

Mrs. Shirley Samuel with relative and friend after the award ceremony.

A school’s environment says alot about the institution and Pierre Charles Secondary continues to ensure that students environment is clean and welcoming.

On visiting Pierre Charles Secondary one can instantly see the subject murals which are displayed strategically. Mrs. Samuel was also responsible for tiling the office space and security/reception area of the school’s office.

Parental involvement is a part of the culture of the school, this was clearly demonstrated when the entire school plant was re-painted with the assistance of  fathers.

The parents also assisted in the re-vitalization of the agricultural plots and all the produce is currently sold to the villagers. Some of the innovative programs which were under her stewardship include;

1. Getting fathers more involved in the lives of their children through fathers only meetings,
2. Organization of a basketball tournament among all the basketball teams in the neighboring communities, thus bringing the communities to the school and making this a fund raiser,
3. Assisting in getting wireless network connection making internet service available in the school library, staffroom and sports room
4.With assistance from staff and students organized a fund raiser to purchase a new photo-copyier making printing services available to students to ensure that it was easier for them to submit projects and SBA’s in a timely manner,
5. Introduction of a proper accounting system in the school,
6. Provision of three computers to the staff room,
7. Changing of school ties so that they were locally produced,
8. Ensuring that fans were provided to all needy arreas so as to enhance a more conducive learning environment,
9. Facilitation of grammar teachers and students to participate in the St. Lucia’s Art Festival,
10. Assisting teachers in their professional development,
11. Re-adjusting the remedial students program to more effectively meet their needs.

These initiatives along with the support of the staff and community played a vital role in the improved performance of the school at the CXC exams moving from 55% passrate from the pervious year to a 78 % this past year. Efforts such as those undertaken by Mrs. Samuel help foster a culture of success and enthusiasm among both teachers and students, that transfers to the benefit of the students, the community and the school.”

Dominica Vibes News congratulates Mrs. Samuel and wishes her continued success in her endeavors, as well as the staff and students who contributed to the overall achievement of the Pierre Charles Secondary School.

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