Thirty-Nine Successfully Trained in Customs Brokerage

by: - December 23, 2019
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Compete Caribbean Guest Speaker, Courtney Oliver Lindsay

Thirty-nine participants have successfully completed the 2019 Customs Brokerage course.

Completion of this course, funded by the Government of Dominica and Compete Caribbean, permits participants access to the automated system for customs data (ASYCUDA) world system to conduct business with the Customs and Excise Division.

Compete Caribbean is a multi-donor facility designed to support Caribbean islands for increased productivity and is a means for Caribbean firms to contribute to economic growth.

At the closing ceremony on Friday 20th December 2019, Courtney Oliver Lindsay of Compete Caribbean encouraged the participants to put their knowledge into practice for Dominica’s trade development.

“If you just get the training or you sit in the training and go back to work and its business as usual, then the country won’t get the benefit. So for that we have three challenges for you: the number one challenge is to use what you have learnt in the training. Because as I said, for the country to see increased, improved and more efficient trade facilitation, you will have to apply this training to your work daily,” Lindsay advised.

His second challenge was to form a Customs Brokers and Tariff Clerks Association expressing that, “this would really help to develop the level of professionalism in the industry and the sector as a whole.”

He also encouraged the Customs and Excise Division to widely disseminate relevant information from the ASYCUDA to stakeholders.

Lindsay urged, “ASYCUDA is one of those platforms which produces a lot of information and rich data and we are asking the division to, when you have this data, don’t just keep it or use it collectively to show trade facilitation and what is happening in the country.

“That is good, but to also share that data with individual companies, individual customs brokers, so they can look at it and see the performance, not just at the higher level but their individual level as well. And to share with each individual company and to let them know how they are performing and where they are falling short so that they can step up their game and improve their work processes.”

At the end of the ceremony on Friday, the participants reported that the course was useful and expressed determination to apply their newly acquired knowledge to work.

The Training was conducted by Claude Paul (Lead trainer), Irvine Phillip (HS Classification), Mervin Anthony (Customs Procedures), Brinder Green- Charles (ASYCUDA), Timothy Thomas (Technical Support), and  Kayode Ducrey (Technical Support).

The Participants are as Follows:


Carmanthia Antoine

Chanette Stuart

Curlysia Walsh

Dania Emanuel

Garon Ducrey

Genelle Taverniere

Kaihil Charles

Kathyann Charles

Lester Fregiste

Lucia Antoine-Laurent

Magdelene Fergus

Marinka Joseph

Mighan Smith

Nasio Coipel

Ninette George

Odera Baron

Raleighson Pascal

Ricardo Elwin

Royette Laurent

Sandy Joseph Lockhart

Tessa Alexander

Tevin Antoine

Timaeus Garraway

Triston Barob

Tyron Deschamps

Vernicia Seaman


Beyounca James

Cheston Clarke

Ittha Matthew

Julius Carriere

Jennifer Aird

Kaestel Etinofe

Marie Ellisa Tongue

Rhoda St. John

Ronalda Edwards

Tyron Benjamin