Guides Promote Healthy Lifestyles

by: - December 16, 2019
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Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of Dominica, Valencia Webb, wants the public to make a healthy lifestyle part of their 2020 New Year’s resolution.

She was speaking at the opening ceremony of the GGAD’s health fair themed “Our Health, Our Wealth, Time to Take Control.”

The fair took place on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard on Saturday.

Webb says, “Physical activities such as going to the gym, dancing, walking, jogging, running or hiking, among others are vital for a long life and great health. Dieting, daily water intake, regular health checkups, among others are also required for a healthy lifestyle. We keep hearing warning statements such as stress is a silent killer and research points to stress as one of the major causes of chronic diseases. Today’s theme is most fitting as good health is indeed a treasure.”

According to Webb, the purpose of the fair was to educate the public on ways to maintain their health, as well as expose the public to services that aid in that regard.

Mignon Rolle-Shillingford  Ministry of Health  pointed out the need for the Guides as young people to prepare themselves to take up space in the world.

Rolle-Shillingford says part of that preparation includes a healthy lifestyle.

She said, “When we speak health promotion, health promotion is not just about talking to you about health conditions and diseases. We speak of the determinants of health. That is what prevents you from accessing, from doing, from participating in. A number of things can do that.

Rolle-Shillingford added, “The Girl Guides, one of their main mandates is to strengthen you to be leaders, and empower you to do better to fill up the spaces. That’s where health promotion comes in. So we don’t only want to tell you about disease, but we want to build your life skills.”

The Girl Guides Association of Dominica presented certificates of appreciation to the Dominica Cancer Society, Health Promotion Unit, HIV/AIDS Response Unit, Drug Prevention Unit, All Saints University School of Medicine, and Dr. Damian Dublin.