Novenia Isaac is UWI Open Campus Valedictorian

by: - October 9, 2019
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Dominican Novenia Isaac, a teacher at the Portsmouth Secondary School, is valedictorian across the 44 open campuses of the University Of The West Indies.

Isaac was identified as the top scholar on completion of her bachelor’s degree in social work.

Kimone Joseph is head of UWI Open Campus Dominica. She told Dominica Vibes.

“For us in Dominica that is a big deal, because miss Isaac was chosen from all the students of the 44 sites of the open campus. and so its not just a Dominica thing, it’s a regional thing, and just like last year when Kirk Edwards was selected as the student to give the valedictory address, this year we are very honored at the Dominica site to know that another Dominican student has been selected. and they join Darin Pinnard who was selected some years ago to give that address on behalf of all the students at the UWI Open Campus.

Joseph says Isaac faced intense challenges after Hurricane Maria, yet she persevered and performed well enough to be regionally recognised.

She says this is also a great honour for Dominica and UWI Dominica.

Novenia Isaac, from the northern community of Thibaud, is a mother of one and a student mentor.

“The most important lesson I learned while pursuing my degree is that in order to succeed you must never forget what it is that you are trying to achieve and in doing so, work fervently to achieve that goal,” she shares.

She credits her drive to succeed to the unconditional support she received from her network of family and friends and her ever-growing faith in God.

“My best advice for single parents is to ensure that your support network is solid,” she stated.