Creole Classes for Schools

by: - October 4, 2019
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Chief Cultural Officer Raymond Lawrence

A pilot project to introduce creole language and culture in schools has kicked off with facilitators currently undergoing training.

Chief Cultural Officer, Raymond Lawrence has said that a proposal to introduce creole in schools was sent out to schools island wide. So far, 19 schools from different parts of the island have responded positively to the proposal.

Lawrence says, “So far we are encouraged by the participation of such a large number. This is the first time we are officially introducing creole language in schools in Dominica and we are pleased to see that so many of the schools have shown an interest.”

The Chief Cultural Officer says that this initiative has been discussed as an aspiration of the Cultural Division for years so expects many benefits to emerge from this project.

“So good to see that this dream has finally become a reality in Dominica. This speaks well about the future of the language. It will help to strengthen, promote and preserve our language and as such it will help to enrich our creole expressions and music and in general to help students of Dominica to read, write and speak our creole language.