Drug Awareness Month has ended

by: - February 4, 2019
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The Youth Development Division 4H club partnered with the Drug Prevention Unit to host a Drug Awareness Rally and presentations at the Benjamin Park in Portsmouth on January 31st.

This event marked the end of the Drug Awareness month.

Members from 4H clubs in various schools in the northern, north western and western districts participated in the rally.

The primary schools involved were six schools from the north eastern district, all schools from the northern district and three from the western district.

At the Benjamins park there were jingle presentations by the: Salisbury; Vielle Case; WS Stevens; Roosevelt Douglas Primary Schools and; the St Johns Academy.

According to the Youth Officer of the Northern District Mrs Cecilia Jno Baptiste Christmas, this rally was the second of it’s kind for the month. The first was held in Roseau with a rally from the Botanical Gardens to the Windsor Stadium on the 25th.

“There are bad drugs and good drugs. We need to educate of youth of the effects of substance abuse. Drugs have ruined too many young people’s lives and it’s time we rally against the use of such dangerous substances,” Mrs Christmas declared.

She also stated that the activity on the 31st was educational, exciting and impressive.