Finesse Beauty introduces STEP

by: - January 10, 2019
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Finesse Beauty is hosting its first Sewing Training Entrepreneurship Program (STEP).

It will be a seven week program at the UWI open campus from January 14th 2019 to February 25th 2019.

STEP will consist of: communication and social skills; quality customer service care; sewing and garment building; deportment and grooming; operational competency; work ethics; and emotional intelligence.

The fee of this program is $40 and the program is offered to individuals 18 and older.

The theoretical part of the class is limited to 15- 20 people however, the practical section of the class has no limit.

“This program was designed to help develop or enhance skills of young people and to also give them a new venture of a career path,” Kimara Matthew stated.

In an interview with Vibes News, the owner and manager of Finesse Beauty Kimara Matthew also mentioned that there will be classes for children through Finesse Beauty in the summer of 2019.