Education Officer calls for better supervision of student’s safety

by: - November 14, 2018
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Assistant Chief Education Officer Dr. Jeffrey Blaize has said that the issue of supervision and safety of our students is of great importance.

He made that statement while speaking at the National Early Childhood Development Symposium at the Goodwill Parish Hall on Monday.

“The issue of supervision and collaboration in ensuring that the ECE Administrators and our primary school principals work collaboratively to ensure supervision and safety of the students in our care,” he stated, noting that legislation dictates that the education system has a “mandate to ensure education at all levels, and ECE is certainly one of these levels.”

He further noted that the role of parents is of significant importance to this effort.

“One of the most significant partners in our effort is that of the parent community,” Dr Blaize added, as he called on the parents to work with the local institutions in their communities and the Minister of Education that they work together to ensure that the sector is well supervised and efficiently managed.

Dr. Blaize added that the High Scope Curriculum in many of the Early Childhood Sectors ensures that the learning of students and the exposure is what it is expected to be.

He then called on the Higher Learning Education to put more emphasis on Early Childhood Education.

“I want to use this medium as well to call on the Higher Learning Institutions to place more emphasis on training on the ECE,” he said noting that continuous professional growth and development training for our Early Childhood Educators and certification will establish them as professionals.

“Because it’s only with training and professional growth that we can deliver the excellent service that we expect the education division to deliver,” Dr. Blaize further added.