New Grand Bay Primary to house Early Childhood & Adult Education

by: - September 7, 2018
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Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay constituency, Justina Charles

Dominica established Diplomatic Relationship with Canada in 1978 and the Grand Bay Primary School was built in 1971 by the Canadian Government. The Government of Dominica is also proud that it has had relations with Canada way before establishing proper diplomatic ties.

The Government of Canada has promised to assist in the rehabilitation of the Grand Bay Primary School.

“We are happy that you have chosen us again,” said Parliamentary Representative and Minister for Youth, Sports and Constituency Empowerment Justina Charles. She said it is her understanding that the Canadian Government will be offering to the Dominica Government 9.2 Million Canadian Dollars. 5 Million of which will be going towards the Grandbay Primary School Rehabilitation while speaking about the extensive repairs that will be done on the school.

Mrs. Charles also said that the new Grand Bay Primary School will also cater for Early Childhood Education and Adult Education.

“We will be paying attention to Early Childhood,” she said while noting that the Ministry of Education will be merging all schools under one umbrella to make life easier for the three preschools in the constituency. Most importantly she mentioned that at the end of everything they will have, “adult education incorporated into some of the programs at the school.”