All Hands and Hearts moves on to repair Morne Prosper school

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 5, 2018
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All Hands and Hearts will be repairing the Morne Prosper Primary School.

The organisation recently completed and handed over a brand new Paix Bouche Primary and Pre School in August.

According to a post on the organisation’s website realising the immense need that still exists on the island, the team will soon begin work on another Dominican school, the Morne Prosper School.

Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Petter Saint Jean gave his ministry’s commitment to working with them.

“As you move to Morne Prosper to continue assisting us in the process of rebuilding our country, I give you every assurance that we will continue to foster and work with you in ensuring that the positive relations with your organisation are strengthened and that throughout your engagement in Dominica I assure you that you will fall in love in every community even as you did with the people of Paix Bouche.”

All Hearts and Hands is also answering the call to assist with the housing situation on the island.

They have begun to help repair and rebuild roofs Calibishie.

“As the 2018 hurricane season has commenced, repairing roofs in a disaster-resilient way is essential in not only rebuilding communities but rebuilding hope for the future,” the website post adds.

All Hands and Hearts’ response to Hurricane Maria started in Dominica in early 2018 with over eighty volunteers from all over the world.