L’Express des Isles and Rotary Club team up to award scholarship

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 5, 2018
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Scholarship Recipient with her Parents

The Rotary Club of Dominica and L’Express des Isles presented Niomi Tavernier with a scholarship so that she can attend the Dominica Grammar School.

Mrs. Gloria Tavernier who lead the presentation reminded Naomi that the Rotary Club and L’Express des Isles will be there with her every step of the way and that it is up to her to perform well so that her scholarship will continue for the next five years.

“So this scholarship includes your books, it includes your transportation on a daily basis and for three school terms for the year and then next year we do it again once you make us proud,” said Mrs. Tavernier. There are other little expenses that Naomi may incur she added but also made mention that “the total scholarship is $2500 plus exam fees when the time comes.”

Niomi Tavernier is the first person to receive a scholarship from L’Express des Isles.

Michelle Joseph, the Marketing Manager of Whitchurch said that Naomi was chosen because of her pleasant personally and that she is deserving of the scholarship.

“We see potential in you,” she also added as she spoke to Naomi directly saying, “You’re the reason why all of us are here and we want this message instilled in you.”

President of the Rotary Club of Dominica, Cecil Shillingford received from HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd. the letter confirming on behalf of L’Express Des Isles that included the scholarship that Naomi will receive.

Encouraging her he told her of the importance of education and how the Rotary Club and L’Express Des Isles are happy to be joined together but “not in holy matrimony,” he clarified before saying to Niomi that these are her formative years and that she has received a “golden opportunity.”

Niomi was also presented with two bags containing school supplies from Mr. Shillingford.

“Thank you L’Express Des Isles for this wonderful thing you have done for me,” said Niomi not forgetting to mention her thankfulness of the Rotary Club also.