Adult Education Division host summer program exhibition

by: - August 31, 2018
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Acting Adult Education Officer, Francisca Joseph

The Adult Education Division annual summer program has concluded with an exhibition showcasing the results of the program.

The exhibition was held on Friday, August 31st 2018, at the Adult Education Division office.

According to the Acting Adult Education Officer, Francisca Joseph stated that the programme took place in twenty one communities across seven zones.

She noted that there were twenty one courses spanning across the zones, going on to add that the exhibition is a way to show to the public “what the participants have learnt and done during their courses.”

“It’s also a way for the participants themselves to build their own self esteem in whatever course or skill program that they intend to do,” Joseph stated.

Joseph noted that over two hundred participants were registered for this year’s summer programs, participating in various courses including cake decorating, pastry making, tile making, electrical wiring, home décor and sewing among others.

She also noted that these participants can use the courses as a way to “build capacity to help themselves, help their communities, and to help Dominica.”

Joseph added that because there is myth of only illiterate persons partaking in Adult Education, the exhibition is to “dispel that myth because professionals come in here as well.”

“Persons come in because at the end of the day we talk about economic development and we want people to be able to, not just do things just for show, but to be able to sell and make a living for them and their families,” Joseph added.

Meanwhile one participant has expressed her delight with her participation in the program, saying that “I had always loved baking, but the decorating class has given me the confidence to move forward with my passion in baking.”