NCCU Scholars urged to get a good education

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 27, 2018
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Students who received scholarships from the National Co-operative Credit Union (NCCU) last Friday have been urged to ensure they get a good education.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the NCCU Curth Charles said the NCCU is committed to raising the quality of life for the young minds in the country especially the children of its members.

“We ensure that the required financial support is provided to our scholarship recipients so that they can achieve their full potential at secondary school education.”

While addressing the fifteen scholarship recipients he urged them to always remember that a good education is the foundation for any career path they may choose.

“Whether it is contractor, architect, teacher, accountant, doctor, lawyer, the list goes on, just be the best that you can be. You might not know how talented you are, how skillful you are until you stay in school to discover, nurture your talent and skills. You cannot drop out of school and drop into a good job, you got to be trained for it, learn for it and work for it; your future depends on you.”

Charles added that being a successful student through secondary school is not as difficult as they may think it is.

He therefore advised them saying “be prepared to do your homework, studying hard [for] every test even if it’s not your favourite subject, show up to school on time, pay attention in class, completing your assignments on time, participating in school activities, always read a book and stay out of trouble”.

He also encouraged parents and guardians to take an active role in their child’s education in addition to showering them with support, love and encouragement to stay on the right path.