Newly rehabilitated school a sign of the work of the government

by: - August 21, 2018
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Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean

The newly rehabilitated Paix Bouche Primary School is an indication of the impact of the government policies says Minister responsible for Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean.

He made that statement while speaking at the official handing over ceremony of the Paix Bouche Primary School held last Thursday.

Saint Jean described the rehabilitated school as a model education institution, which will positively impact its community.

He noted that “the rehabilitation of this school, the Paix Bouche Primary is an indication that the policies of your Government is working.”

“And that is why, through the efforts of nationals from 21 different countries, the  Paix Bouche school is a model primary institution and will add to the dynamism of one of Dominica’s most culturally buoyant communities, the community of Paix Bouche,” Saint Jean stated.

Saint Jean went on to commend the work of the organization, Hands and Heart, noting that he is impressed with the work that they have done, before going on to thank them for their contribution.

“I wish at this moment to single out the work of all hands and hearts.  In fact, once again, I want to thank the officials of all hands and hearts for helping us to implement this vision in a most practical and tangible manner,” he noted.

He went on to say that he is “truly impressed with the work you have done here in Paix Bouche.”

“Your contribution shall forever be remembered by the community of Paix Bouche, the Ministry of Education and the Government and people of Dominica,” Saint Jean added.