Blame focused on wrong people for Ross’ departure

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 8, 2018
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Dominica’s Ambassador to the United States and Organisation of American States (OAS), Dr. Vince Henderson (file photo)

Dominica’s Ambassador to the United States and the Organisation of American States, Vince Henderson has said persons are focusing the blame on the wrong people for Ross University School of Medicine’s departure from Dominica.

Speaking on a government radio program on Tuesday 7 August 2018, Henderson said Ross University had a strong relationship with Dominica and the town of Portsmouth.

However, he added, “Gradually with the change of ownership becoming more driven by the bottom line and having looked at the facts before them made a judgement not because the campus was not ready, not because housing was not available, not because the government didn’t give them what they wanted, not because Roosevelt Skerrit did not meet them as I’ve heard some absurdity around the place people talking, that’s just pure nonsense.”

Ambassador Henderson, who said he knows Prime Minister Skerrit well, added that “when it comes to matters with Dominica and Dominica’s development the man doesn’t make joke with that. So I don’t believe these are the things.”

He said he believes Adtalem behaved in a manner that is consistent to any for profit entity of the United States driven by the bottom line which is the return on investments, removing emotions from the equation.

Therefore, he said, they “took a decision because they felt that perhaps the impact of Hurricane Maria made it difficult for them to attract students into new enrollment for the next semester or the forthcoming semesters because after they were shaken by Hurricane Maria they felt that perhaps they should look at somewhere else”.