Gov’t working to induce Ross University’s return to Dominica

by: - July 30, 2018
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Member of Parliament for the Portsmouth Constituency Ian Douglas

The Dominica Government is doing all within its power to ensure that Ross University School of Medicine returns to the island.

The University, which had been operating here for forty years, relocated following the passage of Hurricane Maria in September 2017 as a result of damages to some of its building as well as apartments which housed the students.

Although the University issued a statement last year indicating that it would return to Dominica in September 2019, it is being reported that the university has signed a three year agreement with Barbados.

Government is ensuring that “all necessary conditions are in place” for the university’s to return “to its home base” while it waits on the principals of Ross University to communicate its decision, Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth Constituency, Ian Douglas said on state owned DBS Radio on Monday 30 July 2018.

“So all of the infrastructural upgrades that are carded for Portsmouth, the upgrades of the roads, the street lights, more security, better infrastructural conditions, in Portsmouth will flow into Picard and we will do all we can to ensure that Ross University returns to Dominica,” Douglas stated.

“Those apartments in Picard are some of the best apartments you can find anywhere in the Caribbean or even in North America, outfitted with all the amenities that will make it conducive for students to study and succeed,” he added.

According to Minister Douglas, even some university students, many of who were forced to evacuate after the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria last year, “have been expressing the desire to come back to Dominica because the condition for successful studies and completion of their course of studies is so conducive in Dominica that they want to come back to Dominica”.

He added further that Ross “should take a look at all the pronouncements in the budget”, noting that many of the upcoming infrastructural upgrades will positively impact the university.

“You will hear the Minister of Tourism speak of direct flights that we are now negotiating between Miami and Dominica, even before the implementation of the international airport. All of those infrastructural amenities, the new hospital which will soon be completed, all of those amenities, in part are geared towards facilitating Ross University,” Douglas added.