14 more Dominicans awarded Cuban scholarships

by: - July 13, 2018
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Some of the fourteen Cuban Scholarship recipients

Fourteen (14) more Dominicans have been awarded scholarships from the Cuban Government to pursue tertiary education as part of the Cuban Scholarship Program which has been in existence for over thirty-nine years.

Eight of them; Kelsey Joseph, Jovina Lawrence, Lou Ann Lawrence, Sherniah Mills, Raquel Mills, Jessica Riviere, Krystal Williams and Jerome Auguiste will pursue undergraduate studies in medicine, Tawiah Hunter will study Stomatology.

Jefferson Garraway and Yoland Prosper will pursue Post Graduate degrees in Medicine.

Three of the other recipients will be engaged in Higher Education; Lucci-Ann Thomas and Joselle Casey will study Building and Civil Engineering and Walter Greenaway Jr. Computer Science.

The fourteen students were presented with their scholarship documents during a ceremony at the Cuban Embassy in Morne Daniel on Friday 13 July 2018 from Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource, Chandler Hyacinth, in the presence of the Cuban Ambassador to Dominica, Juan Carlos Frometa de la Rosa.

The medical degree students are expected to leave island between by 25 July 2018 while the other recipients will leave in September 2018.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Chandler Hyacinth and Cuban Ambassador to Dominica Juan Carlos Frometa de la Rosa

“We are pleased to have received training not just in medicine, but also in other areas of higher education. In selecting the candidates we were looking at areas that will assist us in our rebuilding efforts,” Mrs. Hyacinth stated.

She described the selection process as a “task” considering that there were forty-five (45) applications.

“We expect you to do well, we expect you to work with the authorities, we expect you to work with the Dominican representative, and we expect you to, and want you to do, your best,” she noted.

Mrs. Hyacinth further urged the parents to give the students “all the support that they require so they can do well” and to “stay in touch with them, give them he support that is needed”.

The Ministry, she added, will also support the students “but sometimes the parental support is worth much more”.

Tawiah Hunter, in an interview with Dominica Vibes after receiving the scholarship award, stated that she “is elated that the government saw something in me to give me a chance to go ahead with something I have always wanted to do”.

Jessica Riviere was also happy with her selection noting that the financial cost of pursuing tertiary education away from home was a hindrance.

“I am getting to study medicine, which is something I have always wanted to do. I also get to learn a new language, experience a new culture so it’s a really good feeling,” Riviere said.

Lucci-Ann Thomas described the opportunity as an honor, adding that she “is glad to have received the opportunity to further my studies, so thank you”.

Jerome Auguiste was also very pleased with his selection, adding that while he expects the work to be hard, said with his “determination and motivation, and a set goal I will be successful.”

In June 2017, thirteen Dominicans were awarded scholarships to pursue higher education and post graduate studies in Cuba.