Overall G6NA results unaffected by Maria

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 11, 2018
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Senior Education Officer, Robert Guiste

Data collected, using the results of the recently held Grade 6 National Assessment (G6NA), has shown them to be minimally affected due to the passage of Hurricane Maria last September.

In presenting an analysis of this year’s examination on 4 July 2018, Senior Education Officer, Robert Guiste said Hurricane Maria had “very little effect on the results, in fact there were no significant changes from last year to this year, no significant differences”.

He explained that intentional steps were taken by the Measurement and Evaluation Unit ahead of the examination.

“We knew that students were affected by [Hurricane] Maria; in some cases a lot of schools lost at least a term and a half, so we could not go mostly by Grade 6 curriculum, Grade 6 content,” Mr. Guiste said.

“So what we did, we focused more on the higher end of Grade 5 and the lower end of Grade 6, so we tried to make it fair for all students,” he added.

One question had to be eliminated from the examination, not because the students were unable to answer it as eighty percent of them got it correct, but because of “a formatting error”.

The average results for each paper were as follows: Language Arts Paper 1 38.2/60; Language Arts Paper II 25.4/40; Mathematics 37.84/60; Science 32.73/50 and Social Studies 30.1/50.

“It’s a standardized exam and the papers itself were designed to fall within the average range of 62 to 67% really. So every year the papers will fall within that area,” Mr. Guiste said.