G6NA students successful despite challenges

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 9, 2018
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Chief Education Officer, Melina Fontaine

Despite the passage of Hurricane Maria and its effects on the island and residents last September, students who wrote the 2018 Grade Six National Assessment (G6NA) were successful.

Nine hundred and sixty-five students; 475 girls and 490 boys wrote the examinations in four subject areas; Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.

Ninety-one (91) were awarded scholarships while ninety-nine (99) were awarded bursaries.

Chief Education Officer, Melina Fontaine said some persons expressed that the G6NA should not have been administered this year as many schools started late following the hurricane. Discussions were held around changing the format of the exam.

Mrs. Fontaine said the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development did not administer the Grades 2 and 4 National Assessments given that they would have had to be done in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

“We concluded that we would be able to administer the Grade Six National Assessment and so with some extra effort and more time for preparation, we would be able to conduct the national assessment without changing the format or content,” she explained.

The Ministry of Education’s decision to administer this year’s exam, she continued, was also based on the fact that G6NA does not only cover the content of the work done in Grade 6 but covers work that students do from Grades 4 through 6.

In addition, the examination which is usually administered in May was pushed back two weeks later and held on 14 & 15 June to give students additional time to prepare.

She added that the students’ results at the exam proved their decision to administer the 2018 G6NA as correct explaining that only one question had to be eliminated from the exam as it was formatted wrongly and not because students could not answer it.

“Our students worked hard, our teachers worked hard and our parents were very supportive. The results… clearly shows that and they are all to be commended.”

While admitting that the school year following the hurricane was not easy, Mrs. Fontaine attributed the student’s success to the commitment of those involved in the education system.

“As we examined the results and analyzed the information we can only come to one conclusion that the education system in Dominica is made up of a group of committed and dedicated individuals who take the necessary actions and go beyond what is necessary to ensure that their students succeed.”

Sev S. McKenzie of the Convent Preparatory School topped this year’s G6NA obtaining four Grade A’s copping the Island Scholar award.

Malaika E Jno. Charles of the Dublanc Primary School, Cadel J Casimir of the Grand Bay Primary School, Kelanda A. David of the St Martin’s Primary School and Chidi Fabien of the St Martin’s Primary School rounded off the top 5 also obtaining four Grade A’s.

The top performing primary schools in this year’s examinations were Dublanc, Giraudel, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Berean Academy, Ebenezer SDA, Pioneer Preparatory, Savanne Paille, Christian Union, Campbell and Convent Preparatory.