PS encourages Social Centre Model Preschoolers

by: - July 6, 2018
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Fifty-four (54) preschoolers were reminded on Thursday 5 July 2018 that their parents are their biggest cheerleaders, to be respectful and never forget God.

The students were encouraged by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security, Joanne Commodore during a send-off ceremony at the Social Centre Model Preschool.

The school, although it sustained some damage from Hurricane Maria, re-opened its doors in October 2017 to accommodate sixty-three boys and forty-three girls.

“I want you to always remember that your mommy and your daddy are your best friend and your biggest cheerleader,” Ms. Commodore said.

“Always listen to them and obey them; they only wish to see you excel and get better,” she said adding that they are their parents “greatest treasure but you in turn have to treasure them”.

“I want you to be respectful always to everyone, it doesn’t matter what walk of life – that is very important as you go forward,” Ms. Commodore said.

She also encouraged them to be brave, just as they were during the passage of Hurricane Maria, to always question things and seek answers to these questions as this will increase their knowledge.

“Now do your homework, this is the one that you have to remember. Homework is designed to help you to be a better student but not only a better student, but a better learner and a better thinker,” she said.

“Never follow the crowd blindly, it is good to have friends but be your own person. Cling to the values you know to be good, and let no one lead you astray,” she continued.

Ms. Commodore also advised the parents “let your children be their own people. Your job is to guide not to dominate, do not force them to be like their siblings or anyone else, let them be who they are”.

In addition, she told the preschoolers to be a patriot, “Dominica needs you little ones; love her, nurture her”.

“More importantly, never forget God; he is the beginning and the end of everything,” she said.