2018 Grade Six National Assessment top students

by: - July 4, 2018
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Sev S. McKenzie of Convent Preparatory School

Three of the five top students of this year’s Grade Six National Assessment (G6NA) have expressed delight with their accomplishments.

The top performing students, who all obtained Grade A’s in all four subject areas tested are Sev S. McKenzie of the Convent Preparatory School, Malaika E Jno. Charles of the Dublanc Primary School, Cadel J Casimir of the Grand Bay Primary School, Kelanda A. David of the St Martin’s Primary School and Chidi Fabien of the St Martin’s Primary School.

Nine hundred and sixty-five (965) students; 475 girls and 490 boys wrote the examinations on June 14 & 15 and were tested on Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science subjects.

Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean released the results of the examinations during a press conference on Wednesday 4 July 2018 at the Public Service Union building in Roseau.

The Island Scholar, Sev McKenzie told members of the media he is proud of his performance as he “practiced and worked hard”.

He noted that there were challenges in preparing for the examinations, due mainly to Hurricane Maria, as “we got less school than we would have if Hurricane Maria hadn’t arrived”

“I studied and did exercises,” he added, in preparation for the examinations and thanked his family and teachers who assisted him.

McKenzie, who informed that his favorite subject is science, plans to attend the St. Mary’s Academy. His future plans include becoming a scientist.

Malaika E Jno. Charles of the Dublanc Primary School (Photo credit: Emo News)

“I feel elated,” Malaika E Jno. Charles of the Dublanc Primary School, who placed second in the top five, said of her performance.

“I had to study hard, I had to spend long hours studying and I thank my teacher, my family and God for helping me and I pray that we will do well for the rest of our school days,” Jno. Charles added.

Dublanc Primary School was named the top performing school in this year’s examination. Seven students sat the examination; six of them obtained scholarships and one obtained a bursary.

“I’m ecstatic, it’s a great moment for our school, it’s a great moment for the villages of Dublanc and Bioche; hard work pays off,” Principal of the Dublanc Primary School, Mrs Joseph said.

“We are a team of solid, committed, knowledgeable teachers; you must get success. Let God be praised,” Mrs. Joseph added.

Grade Six teacher at the Dublanc Primary School, Ms. Hypolite was also elated and excited with the news of her students’ performance.

“Like I always say ‘to God be the glory’; it’s all about him. I congratulate my students; they worked really hard and I must say this is a team effort,” Ms. Hypolite said.

She also hailed the “united effort” at the school, coupled with the fact that she and Mrs. Joseph “are a formidable team”.

Cadel J Casimir of the Grand Bay Primary School

Meanwhile, Cadel J Casimir, 11, of the Grand Bay Primary School told Dominica Vibes he has reaped the reward of his hard work and sacrifice.

“I’m very excited, I’m very happy that I got third, God answered my prayers,” Casimir said.

He added that preparing for the exams was “a little bit challenging” because of Hurricane Maria.

“We had to wake up early in the morning, do past papers, and sacrifice some hours of my playing time for me to study. It paid off because after all that I get all my chance to play,” he explained.

Casimir also thanked his parents, family members, all his teachers from preschool up to grade six, and well-wishers for helping him.

Cadel J Casimir of the Grand Bay Primary School and his mother, Marcia Defoe

His mother, Marcia Defoe, was one of the team of five teachers assisting the Grade Six students for the examinations.

“She helped me a lot, she sacrificed a lot to help me to do my work,” Casimir said of his mother.

His future plans include becoming a lawyer to help get justice for people.

His mother, Marcia Defoe described him as a “very determined child, very dedicated and someone who is very positive”.

“He has spoken of being a lawyer from since preschool when they had career day and I am really pleased to see that he has maintained it, and I think he will go for it because he has not stopped talking about it,” Ms. Defoe added.

While helping to prepare him “was a big challenge” and “sacrifice” because “back then there was no electricity and we had to try to cover up as much as we can before lights go off, because you know it’s solar”.

“So it was really challenging; he had to take past papers from Grade 4, and it paid off, it really paid off,” she continued.

“Don’t give up on your children, especially boys,” Ms. Defoe encouraged other parents.

“It will be a tough fight, really, really tough, but don’t give up. Pray with them, that’s the most important thing, pray with them, go to church, and have faith,” she advised.

Casimir has also made the entire Grand Bay community proud as he is the first student to emerge among the top five performers.

“He has made us proud in Grand Bay, that’s the first time we have reached the top five and it’s like history for us. That for sure I know Grand Bay, we are proud,” Ms. Defoe said.

Kelanda David and Chidi Fabien of the St Martin’s Primary School were the other two top performers in this year’s examinations. They were not allowed to speak to the media as the principal was away at the time and accordingly, will be interviewed at a later time.

The top performing primary schools in this year’s examinations were Dublanc, Giraudel, Lighthouse Christian Academy, Berean Academy, Ebenezer SDA, Pioneer Preparatory, Savanne Paille, Christian Union, Campbell and Convent Preparatory.

The G6NA, which is usually administered in May, was pushed back by two weeks in an effort to help facilitate schools which lost instructional time as a result of the passage of Hurricane Maria in September 2017.