Teacher trainers engaged in 2 day workshop

by: Dominica Vibes News - June 21, 2018
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Educators, who are also trainers of their colleagues, gathered at the Newtown Primary School on Thursday 21 June 2018 for a two day workshop where their skills will be further enhanced.

The teachers from primary and secondary schools across the island as well as a representative of the Dominica State College and Education Officers are attending the workshop.

They will sharpen their teaching skills with sessions on Principles of Adult Learning, Language Modeling, Curriculum Standards, Critical Thinking and Effective Questioning, Assessment Framework, Improving Classroom Management Practices by Enhancing the Instructional Process, Differentiated Instruction and Using Technology to Enhance Learning.

Assistant Chief Education Officer Dr. Jeffery Blaize, in his address during the opening ceremony on Thursday, said this exercise is very important to the Ministry of Education as the ministry has placed a very high premium on professional growth and development over the years.

“We believe that in order to improve the education system, teacher craft knowledge is essential. We feel that we need to constantly engage our teachers in professional growth and development because as any professional if you don’t interact with your colleagues, if you don’t interact with knowledge and skills on a constant basis, you will not be able to deliver effectively.”

Dr. Blaize explained that this workshop is part of a four pillar project under the Global Partnership in Education consisting of professional development, curriculum development, leadership and monitoring and evaluation.

“The intent of this activity is really to train a cadre of excellent teachers and principals at our schools,” he said.

The participants, he said, have demonstrated excellence in their craft knowledge delivery and management and so were chosen “a method of sustaining professional growth and building capacity within the education system”.

He told the teacher trainers that they will be expected to deliver sessions at their schools and district level during the coming school year.

“I am happy that all of you found it very important to be here this morning…this is very telling because it shows that you believe as well that professional growth and development is important to improve the education system.”

Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer Melina Fontaine told participants that they were carefully selected to take part in the two day workshop based on the attitude previously shown and the potential displayed as leaders within the school setting.

“These sessions in professional development are specifically tailored to build on your already existing knowledge and empower you with technics, deeper knowledge and skills to become trainers in your own right.”

Fontaine urged the teachers to participate in and contribute to the exercise so that at the end the Ministry of Education can have a cohort of professionals who in turn can mold new professionals within the system.

“I thank you for accepting that challenge.”