21 schools benefit from book donation by Rotary Club of Dominica

by: Dominica Vibes News - February 16, 2018
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Twenty-one schools have benefitted from a generous donation of books and or library upgrades thanks to a kind donation from the Rotary Club of Dominica under its Literacy Enhancement Project.

Annie Edwards, Past President of the Club, who spearheaded the project told Dominica Vibes on Friday 16 February 2018 that this project was embarked upon following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika but only recently came to fruition.

The funds she said came from a donation from the Anglican Church who enquired whether the club had any projects where they could collaborate.

“We had started to work with the Ministry of Education to identify some schools so we told [the Anglican Church] we wanted to expand it and get into a big library project in which we would give donations to different schools to upgrade their library,” she said.

The church agreed and EC$34,000 was donated to the club from the church.

The schools benefitting from the project are the Bagatelle, Grand Bay, Morne Prosper, Newtown and Wotten Waven Primary Schools in the Southern District; the Atkinson, Belles, Concord, Grand Fond, Delices, Salybia and Sineku Primary Schools in the Eastern District; the Christian Union, John Kelleb Laurent, Roseau and St. Mary’s Primary schools in the Western Districts and the Penville, Clifton, Savanne Paille, Temple SDA and the Wills Strathmore Stevens primary schools in the Northern Districts.

A close working relationship was formed between the club and the Ministry of Education and Hands Across the Seas to identify the schools and sourcing the books.

Edwards explained, “Hand Across the Seas took over from there, they have all the contacts with different publishers in the States so they were responsible for doing all the purchasing of the books, packaging, sorting and everything so that when the books came down they were actually labelled so we know right away which school is getting what.”

Edwards said based on the size and needs of each schools the books were allocated. Some schools she said will receive US$1,000 worth of books while others will receive US$500 worth of books.

She added that a really good deal was struck with the publishers as the books were purchased at discounts ranging between 50% and 60% while some publishers donated books.

Edwards said the club is hopeful that these books will be put to good use by both students and teachers.