Principals encouraged to embrace change in new school year

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 13, 2017
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Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Peter Saint Jean

Principals around the island have been encouraged to use the ever-changing technology and opportunities available to lead their schools to success.

This was announced by Minister responsible for Education and Human Resource Development, Peter Saint Jean, who was dressing the annual Principals’ Meeting held on Friday, September 8th, 2017.

Saint Jean told the principal’s that as leaders of their schools, they are expected to be motivational to their team as they face change.

“Keep in mind, principals, that as a leader one of your key roles is that of a facilitator. It is important therefore to motivate your team both professional and ancillary as partners in achieving the common goal of quality teaching and learning. To be an effective leader, you must consider being an agent of change, and change most times does not come easy,” he stated.

Saint Jean noted that in an age of technology, as educators they must be willing to move on from outdated practices to ensure that their students are given the best chances at learning.

“No longer can we depend on the outdated ways that we used before. It is okay to adapt to the changing needs of your students, you must be willing to take your school into new frontiers of teaching and learning” Saint Jean added.

He told principals they can take their school to the next level by using the computers and other technology made available to them and encouraged them to move away from the normal classroom teaching methods while getting innovative with their lessons.

He also urged the principals and teachers to grab unto the opportunities made available to them such as training workshops and seminars, which will aid them in their professional development.

“Taking your schools to new levels of teaching and learning will, in this new academic year, also mean giving support to government’s stated objective to improving offerings to students with special education needs,” Saint Jean further stated.