327 bid goodbye to Dominica State College

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 13, 2017
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Three hundred and twenty-seven students (327) graduated from the Dominica State College during its Fifteenth Commencement Ceremony held at the Windsor Park Stadium on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017.

Forty-four students graduated with one of the three levels of honors, Summa Cum Laude (1st Class Honors), Magna Cum Laude (2nd Class Honors), and Cum Laude (3rd Class Honors).

Stephanie Pascal, who majored in Mathematics, Economics and Physics, emerged as Valedictorian of the graduating class, with Summa Cum Laude honors in all three majors, for her consistent academic performances, her participation in extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities on campus, as well as community spirit and service leadership.

She received the Valedictorian, Economics and Mathematics Awards.

Shania Scotland, who majored in Geography, and graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors, received the Highest Academic Award, for the student with the highest-grade point average (GPA) in the graduating class. She also received the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Award, as well as an award for Geography.

Rael Felix received the Faculty Awards and the award for Mechanical Engineering, while Sophillia Hillaire received the Faculty of Education Award. Sports Personality of the Year went to Romelcia Phillip, while Club of the Year went to the Literary and Debating Society.

Phael Lander received the Special Award for Volunteerism, Leadership, and Community Spirit. Tresha Jacob picked up the award for English, Kyra-Akilah Richards received the awards for Chemistry and Physics, Chrisline Tavernier took home the award for Mass Communications, while Terrick King took home the award for Electrical Engineering Technology.

The Tourism Award went to Blondelle George, while the Paralegal Studies award went to Janae Jackson.

Valedictorian Stephanie Pascal urged her fellow graduates to “step boldly and fearlessly” into the next journey and implement the lessons learnt in any field they may choose.

“We must always be accountable for our actions. Do not do anything in life simply because you have to. Rather, do it because you want to, or because that step will take you closer towards achieving your goals. I believe that having a purpose helps us with accountability. So, find your purpose my dear graduates, and may all your actions reflect them,” Pascal stated.

Pascal further told the graduates to enjoy life, and make the best of it while using the opportunities that they are given, despite any setbacks they may face.

“Despite all the challenges, drawbacks, and bruising rounds, we must be thankful for the opportunity to see today; an opportunity so many others our age and younger are not given,” she noted.

“Equipped with God, proper support systems such as family and friends, and now most recently our Associate Degree, I have no doubt that we will travel far on our respective journeys,” Pascal further stated.