38 receive white coats from All Saints University

by: - December 8, 2014
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Thirty eight (38) medical students of the All Saints University received white coats on Saturday 6 December 2014 signaling their transition from pre-medical sciences to the clinical phase of the medical degree program.

The students were presented with white coats during the University’s 23rd white coat ceremony.

Executive Dean of the University Dr. Terrence Marcelle, who congratulated the students on their achievement, advised them that the hard work has just begun.

He said the students had to face and overcome several challenges both academic and non-academic, “so just to be here at this event must be a joyous occasion for each of them”.

“During your clinical internship you will be wearing your white coats, may the white color of your coat remind you of physician duties and responsibilities to carry your life and practice the art of medicine in uprightness and order,” faculty representative and assistant Dean Dr. Agelika Ivasenko advised.

Valedictorian; Edak Edet Ekere.

Valedictorian; Edak Edet Ekere.

She continued, “May the short length of your coat remind you that you should be humble during this time and take every opportunity to learn from all the health care professionals that you will work with and alongside.”

Dr. Ivasenko further advised the students that they should fill their white coats pockets with reference books, journal articles, reference cards and index cards with patient’s information.

Meanwhile, Edak Edet Ekere expressed joy to be named valedictorian.

“It is with great joy that I stand here as the valedictorian,” she said and thanked God, parents and lecturers for her success through the year.

“As we journey through life lets us not forget the institution that made us who we are our Alma matter”.

“In my opinion and through experience the keys to success are God, discipline, hard work and consistency. Do what the works for you and stick to it,” Ms Ekere said.

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